Are your pre-owned handbags authentic?  Yes, we fight strongly in the fight against fakes. We will not even customize a handbag if we believe it is not authentic.

Will you buy my bag? No, but thank you.  We only purchase our pre-owned handbags from trusted sources that we have developed relationships with, and that have proven themselves through the test of time. By purchasing from our direct sources we have a built in triple threat to ensure authenticity.

How much is it to customize my bag? Totally depends on the size and intricacy of your chosen artwork design. This is something that our Artist or Design Coordinators can give you a better idea on when you schedule you consultation. 

How long will it take to customize my bag? If you are having your bag painted, it is typically around 3-4 weeks.  For needlework, it is approximately 2-3 weeks.

What kind of paint do you use? We do not just slap "paint" on a bag.  Over the years we have developed an entire system that will prevent the paint from fading or chipping. It is a process of steps and a whole bunch of mixtures that we have developed... and our artist will never tell.

Will the paint fade or chip? Not with the system we have in place. If it did we would fix it, but we are confident with our system and it has proven itself over the test of time.