About Us

Candace Easdale and Stephanie Ponder with New Vintage


Our Founders:

Candace Easdale is a globally recognized real estate expert and visionary born with a drive for entrepreneurship and has always been known for her extraordinary fashion sense.  Under Candace's dynamic leadership, LSI has become one of the most successful real estate companies with branches in all areas, from property management to vacation rentals to condotel management to traditional sales and let’s now tack on fashion customization.

Along with Candaces’ extensive education by attending University of Alabama and Harvard University it is no surprise that she has been honored with numerous coveted positions.  Some which include:

  • Women Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Las Vegas’s Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Nominated as one of the Forbes “Western Business Leaders”
  • Top 40 Business Professionals Under the Age of 40
  • Innovation and Leadership Women and Minority Business leaders to Watch
  • Top 100 Business Women of the Year
  • Nominated by Top Agent Magazine as one to the nations “Top Agents”

Candace has been featured in HGTV’s show House Hunters, numerous Travel shows as well as Success Files hosted by Rob Lowe which airs on CNN, Fox News and CNBC.  Candace has also been featured on the Today Show and in the New York Times.

Candace’s love for entrepreneurialism is balanced with her philanthropy, volunteer work and family.  Not only does Candace donate thousands of dollars to community charities, but she also believes in rolling up your sleeves and working to help those less fortunate.  A few years ago, Candace spent her Christmas holiday in Haiti with New Life Missions Haiti helping children of Haiti’s orphanages by providing food and building shelter for them.  This experience has turned into one of the most memorable times in her life and sparked her interest in the adoption process.

When Candace is not creating and building uber successful companies, she enjoys spending time with her husband Jack and their three children.  After Candace and Jack were married in Europe, they welcomed their first son Finn.  When Finn was still in diapers Candace and Jack decided to expand their family by openly adopting their second son baby Yale.  When Yale came home from the hospital, Candace learned she was pregnant with their daughter Piper. It was the best surprise of their life! To have three babies under the age of 2 in their home was immediate entrepreneurship at its finest! Proving working mothers can truly accomplish anything.

Stephanie Ponder was born in Morristown, New Jersey and attended the University of Central Florida.  Stephanie’s first “real job” was working in merchandise for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida where she received the best training in customer service from one of the happiest places on earth.  She then found her passion for public speaking and education when she joined the Monster.com “Making it Count” program, by travelling across the country training speakers, writing motivational speeches and speaking to high school and college students about making the most of their educational journeys.

In 2003 Stephanie’s parents introduced to her to their neighbor Todd. As cheesy as it might sound, it was love at first sight and they spent their first date on a 7-day trip to South Beach.  Two weeks after their trip ended, Stephanie relocated to Las Vegas and they were blissfully and swiftly engaged. They tied the knot at the “Little Chapel of the West” on the Las Vegas Strip less than one year later. Stephanie has always been known to make quick decisions and is determined to gets what she wants.

In 2006 Todd and Stephanie’s life would take an unexpected turn. Stephanie was driving in a car in front of her husband Todd’s motorcycle on a Las Vegas side street.  While texting, a young lady pulled out in front of Todd striking his motorcycle and that split-second moment would change their life forever. Todd’s leg was severed at the scene, he suffered a tore aorta in his heart, a crushed hand, hip and pelvis.  The doctors told Stephanie that her husband Todd would not survive the night, but her two-time cancer surviving warrior prevailed with Stephanie by his side.  8 months later, Todd and Stephanie would meet another life changing event.  They were on their first night out celebrating Todd’s brand-new prosthetic leg and were held up at gun point leaving an upscale Las Vegas restaurant. This is in no way a sad story.  If you ask Todd and Steph about that year, they will tell you they received the greatest gift in the world in those 8 months.... the true, deep appreciation of life. Todd and Stephanie faced these tragedies with humor, determination and a full understanding on how precious every second of their life is spent.  On New Year’s Eve of the same year,  Stephanie and Todd received the joyous news that their first round of IVF was successful and they were pregnant with twin boys. Cash and Caden are now 11 and a constant reminder to always trust Gods plan no matter how tough things may seem. Stephanie dedicates her life to her family and never takes a moment or opportunity for granted.

The Birth Of New Vintage: 

Candace and Stephanie met to catch up over a friendly cup of coffee in 2016. Stephanie told Candace she had this crazy idea of customizing her old, designer handbags that were taking up space in her closet with leather needlework and fun paint designs. Steph showed Candace her creation at the local coffee joint and Candace, who is always on point with her fashion sense, proposed turning Stephanie's hobby into a fun side job. With Candace's entrepreneurial drive and Stephanie's quick decision making, by the next weeks end the blond duo was in business together.

Living under the bright lights of Las Vegas where women’s closets are full of forgotten gems, friends of Candace and Steph’s were lining up to bring new life into their handbags with updated with artistic customizations. The overnight sensation went from a "fun side job" to a full-time passion in the blink of an eye. What started in their homes, quickly expanded into office space at one of Candaces many buildings right off the Las Vegas strip. With Candace’s savvy business sense and Steph’s crafty hands, New Vintage would be on the forefront of a unique new trend of designer customizations and personal sustainability across the country. Now expanding with their new line “By Faith”, which is set to launch this year, New Vintage is sure to make a mark in fashion world with these two hard-working mothers as their pioneers.