A day in the life of Candace

A day in the life of Candace

Candace Easdale

A day in my life…

In my adult life, I never wanted to be a mom.  I wanted a career more than to be a mom.  So, I thought I was making the most unselfish decision to not be a mom as I thought my children would suffer from my work schedule.  Now, here I am at 44 and a mom of 3 babies!  Yes, 3 babies!!!  My first was born just days before I turned 41, second at 42 and third at 43!  I have a 3-year-old, 22-month-old and 14-month-old – I know, the numbers don’t add up.  One was born in my heart rather than in my womb – we are blessed to have an open adoption and local birth mom to share this beautiful baby with!  

My day starts around 4:15am when my eyes first open.  Some days, I can close my eyes and sleep for about 10 more minutes and convince myself that I was able to “sleep in” that day.  Other days, my feet hit the ground immediately and do not stop until I pick them back up when I am getting back in bed for the night.  For about 6 years now, I have slept in my workout clothes every-single-night.  I do not even own a pair of pajamas (other than the matching Christmas pajamas the entire family has and wears on the Polar Express once a year).  I have learned that it is hard to miss a workout if you are already dressed for the gym when you wake up! My gym shoes and socks are sitting by my toothbrush waiting on me to grab them and run out the door.  And somehow, my untamed wild hair is in a ponytail by the time I open the door of the gym.  

 Candace Easedale in PJs

While my husband does not love it, we are living in a high-rise condo at the Waldorf Astoria on the Strip for a year and a half while we are building a house.   My husband misses the open air, hiking every morning from our previous neighborhood, andgreen parks right down the road.  I am loving the high-rise lifestyle – someone parks my car for me, brings the groceries in for me, greets me at the door every morning and my commute to the gym is only an elevator ride down to the 8th floor – which gives me just enough time to put my shoes on an pull my hair up before the elevator door dings and opens.  (For some reason, as I am thinking about this while typing it, the theme song to the show Green Acres is humming in my head…) And the best part about working out that early – I have the entire gym to myself!  I have convinced myself that it is just an extension of my own condo as our condo is about 1/4th the size of our previous house.  If you look at it on the bright side, I have the gym to myself every morning, the babies have the pool to their selves most days we are out there, we can walk anywhere we want to go and my babies are so little, just watching a fish swim in a fish tank is an exciting afternoon outing – the entertainment is endless on the Strip for them!  So, while we are living in a much smaller place, for me the benefit far outweighs the down side (not so much for my husband).

After my morning workout, it is a quick shower, kiss any babies who might be up before I sneak out the door and off to work by 6ish am.  My husband does morning duties and gets the 2 older babies off to “school” which allows me to work the early hours and leave work by 2/2:30pm to pick them up and spend the afternoon and evening with all 3 babies.  

Candace Easdale

Speaking of my husband, we both have pretty demanding careers – he is Sr VP of Revenue and Enterprise Analytics for The Sands, Las Vegas and is attending Harvard School of Analytics (and I am sure you are asking yourself what does his title and school mean – it just means he is a spreadsheet nerd (but a handsome nerd, if I must say so myself)).  I on the other hand own 5 different companies all of which are somewhat related and spread from Hawaii to Florida. And this does not include New Vintage which is the most fun company of all – it allows for a creative outlet when all the others are very business oriented without much creativity. Somehow, we have figured out how to juggle everything.  He does morning duties, I do afternoon and evening duties all while we have a nanny who oversees everything and makes our life easier!  

So yes, life is crazy and hectic and some days I just wonder how I got through the day.  And some days, by the time I can take off my clothes for a hot bath before bed, I realize that I got through the day however, my shirt was on backwards and I never even noticed – I was just proud to get out the door before I had a baby puke on me, spill their drink on me or a diaper leak on me!  All that matters is that by babies are loved, my businesses are functioning and we are all happy and healthy!!!

All the best,


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