10 Quotes That Can Make Your Handbag A Statement

10 Quotes That Can Make Your Handbag A Statement

September 24, 2018

10 Quotes That Can Turn Your Handbag Into A Self-Expressive Statement 

Handpainted artwork is a great way to shine light on a hidden facet of your personality. They are a means of expression and allow you to say whatever is on your mind.

Do you have a life philosophy? Is there a mantra that you live by? Do you have a piece of advice that you would like to pass on to everybody or anything that you like the sound of… all these can be handpainted right on your handbag canvas to express yourself.

The good news is that absolutely anything can be turned into a patch that is accompanied with a quote. They look good over backpacks, totes, suitcases and any other kind of luggage.

The first quote we ever painted for a customer on her handbag was a simple cloud that said, “Mind your own business”. “It wasn’t anything fancy but something I had struggled to say during difficult situations throughout my entire life. I just wanted to put it out there. People get easily offended sometimes and I found this the perfect way to not be rude to people. I finally thought that my handbag would make the perfect outlet and that’s when I decided to personalize it. My friends loved it and even passersby on the street asked me where I got the bag.”

So, if you are interested in getting quotes written on your handbag, then read further.

Following are ten quotes that you can turn into fun self-expression for your handbag:

“Girls Just Wanna Have Funds”

“Behind Every Successful Woman is a Fabulous Handbag”

“The Only BS I need is Bags and Shoes”

“The Voices Told Me to Buy This Bag”

“Beside Every Great Women, Is a Great Purse”

“Because It’s Shop O’Clock Somewhere”

“It’s An Add-to-Cart Kinda Day”

“I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty”

“You Did Not Wake Up to Be Mediocre”

“Just Let Me Shop and No One Gets Hurt”

The thing about quotes is that on their own, they are pretty simple. However, throw in a few art designs and you have got yourself something quite unique. Moreover, adding quotes also gives you plenty of space, which allows you to let your creativity shine. Better think outside the box for this one!

For example: a quote from one of Shakespeare’s romantic plays surrounded with hearts and other cute literary artwork. 

These quotes might look small and straightforward to you but they do pack a heavy punch. If you have any ideas of your own, then let us know and we will customize one for you, complete with quirky animated patches.

New Vintage is a personal customization handbag service that offers you the opportunity to personalize your handbags with quotes and accessories of your liking. Contact us now at 725-221-7712 or fill our online form with your handbag specifications and we will get back to you on the same day. 



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