Make the most of your accessories investment with a new, sustainable alternative and give them a second chance to tell a brand new story.

New Vintage Handbags is a service based company that provides a creative platform to artistically & respectfully breathe new life into your treasured accessories. Under your creative direction, our talented artists will breath new life into your forgotten gems with personalized, self-expression while elevating them into unique conversation pieces.  You may send us your own accessories for handpainted or embellished customizations or shop our artistically enhanced, pre-owned collections.

Shop our selection of signature trinkets, tassels and handbag straps. Change the look of your handbag to match your ootd... everyday.

Enjoy your New Vintage Handbags experience.

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Want the art, but need the canvas?

As we respectfully enhance pre-owned handbags with customizations, we strongly believe in the integrity of the original designer. As we bear no affiliation to any of the brands we customize, we maintain full respect for their talented, original designers.  New Vintage stands in the fight against counterfeiting and therefore will not customize fakes. We will gladly source an authentic, pre-owned handbag for you from a trusted secondhand reseller.  If you would prefer to shop for yourself, we suggest you only purchase from a secondhand reseller you can trust.

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