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Welcome to New Vintage

CUSTOMIZATION SERVICES:  New Vintage Handbags is a service based company that provides a creative platform to artistically & respectfully breathe new life into your treasured accessories. Under your creative direction, our talented artists will breath new life into your forgotten gems with personalized, self-expression and elevate them into unique conversation pieces. Send us your accessories for customizations or shop our artistically enhanced, pre-owned collections. 

SIGNATURE COLLECTIONS: Shop our selection of signature trinkets, tassels and straps to play with the look of your handbag and compliment your ootd... everyday. Make the most of your accessories investment with a new alternative to give them a second chance to tell a brand new story.

Enjoy your New Vintage Handbags experience. 

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 New Vintage Customization Process

New Vintage Customization Process

Send us your treasured accessories for a modern day update. Fill in our customization form by clicking below and a New Vintage Design Coordinator will be in touch to discuss your wishes.  You will then send us your piece and the magic will begin.  We will have your accessory back to you in approximately 4-5 weeks.

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 Build a Bag

Build a Bag

Choose a pre-owned handbag and the artwork you would like applied from our art gallery.  A New Vintage Design Coordinator will send you a rendering of what your bag will look like, along with a photo of the gently used, pre-owned actual bag you will receive. Easy, seamless process that gets you exactly what you want.

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 Want the art, but need the canvas?

Want the art, but need the canvas?

As we respectfully enhance pre-owned handbags with customizations, we strongly believe in the integrity of the original designer. As we bear no affiliation to any of the brands we customize, we maintain full respect for their talented, original designers. New Vintage stands in the fight against counterfeiting and therefore will not customize fakes. We will gladly source an authentic, pre-owned handbag for you from a trusted secondhand reseller.  If you would prefer to shop for yourself, we suggest you only purchase from a secondhand reseller you can trust. 

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If you live in Las Vegas and would like to schedule an in-person consultation, please email or give us a call to schedule an appointment.